Overactive bladder syndrome is when the bladder contracts suddenly without you having control and when the bladder is not full. Complex nerve messages are sent between the brain, bladder and the pelvic floor muscles. These tell you how full your bladder is and tell the right muscles to contract or relax at the right time.

Over active bladder syndrome – the symptoms

Symptoms include sudden urgent desires to pass urine – these desires can come frequently even right through the night and in some cases, a slight leaking occurs when the desire arrives. This can result in less work productivity, reduced sexual satisfaction, increased stress and a poorer quality of sleep.

Some lifestyle changes that can help people with cases of overactive bladder syndrome include; altering the pattern of fluid intake, taking bladder irritants out of the diet like caffeine and alcohol or reducing weight if obese. Any lifestyle or behavioural changes depend on the person being able to consistently self manage.

Over active bladder syndrome – treatment responses

Some of the treatment responses to an overactive bladder could involve bladder training or pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic floor exercises can help one respond better to the sudden urgency with repeatedly tightening the pelvic floor muscles until the urgent feeling subsides. A maintenance program is important to maintain strength and effectiveness in this response.

If you are unsure on whether you are doing your exercises right or whether or not you should be supporting your exercise plan with medication, seeing a doctor who specialises in Gynecology like Dr Gary Swift, a highly qualified Gynaecologist on the Gold Coast, can be useful to gain help and advice. The Dr Gary Swift clinic can provide a management plan for overactive bladder syndrome and can advise on any medication or alternative treatment response. Call today on 07 5564 6017 or through our contact us page online by clicking here.