Pregnancy Clinic

Your First Consultation

We welcome and encourage partners to attend as many consultation sessions as possible. With the assistance of Dr Swift, a prominent Gold Coast pregnancy specialist, along with his experienced and qualified staff, we will review a complete medical history, including any previous pregnancies. We will conduct an ultrasound scan to confirm due dates and this is generally the first time you will see your baby. Some important routine blood tests will be performed, among them rubella immunity and blood group.

How Often You Will See Me

We will have monthly consultations up to 28 weeks, although every case is treated differently according to requirements. After this stage, we will move to fortnightly visits up to 36 weeks and weekly after that until the birth.
gold coast pregnancy clinic

Other Tests along the Way

Specific conditions can be tested for in pregnancy if family histories are known, such as Haemophilia and Cystic Fibrosis, but no test is a guarantee nor is there any test to determine every possible outcome. There are two tests we recommend during your pregnancy: the “First Trimester Downs Syndrome Screening”, which provides a statistical risk of Downs Syndrome. This combines a series of data, including mother’s age, maternal blood tests and an ultrasound of the baby’s neck to determine the risk of Downs Syndrome. This is not a YES/NO result, but rather provides a statistical risk factor. The second test is an “18-20 Week Morphology Scan”, which shows most of the organs and body parts and enables a view of where the placenta is positioned. Contact us today to find out more about our Gold Coast Pregnancy Clinic located in the Benowa medical precinct.