The Apgar Score a measuring mechanism

The Apgar Score is derived from an Apgar test, used by Obstetricians to assess the physical condition of a newborn baby. The Apgar test is usually conducted at one minute and five minutes after birth. Developed in 1952, the Apgar score helped in giving indication as to whether extra medical or emergency care was needed.

Apgar is an acronym and it stands for:

  • Appearance

    • An Apgar score would return an indication of how even the skin colour and tone is across the body including the extremities. The obstetrician is looking for signs of blue or purple colouration, which would suggest low oxygen arriving to the surface of the skin.

  • Pulse

    • An Apgar score would give indication as to the health of the heart rate. The obstetrician  is looking for a heart rate over 100 beats per minute.

  • Grimace

    • An Apgar score for a grimace is an indication of the degree of reflex to irritation. The Obstetrician may use a pinch of the skin and look for signs of a grimace as well as a sneeze, cough or cry.

  • Activity

    • An Apgar score would indicate whether or not there is muscle tone and active motion.

  • Respiration

    • An Apgar score would indicate how well the baby is breathing. The doctor is looking for signs of regular breath and the ability to cry without any respiratory issues.

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