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Management of miscarriage – The Obstetrician

Researcher, Cathy Maker, worked in correspondence with Dr J. Ogden - Department of General Practice, GuysKings and St Thomas School of Medicine, 5 Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6SP, UK - to explore women’s reasons for selecting either expectant or surgical management of...

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IVF – controlled ovarian hyper stimulation

Dr Gary Swift is a leading Gold Coast fertility specialist who, when suitable, provides reproductive medicine treatment that may involve controlled ovarian hyper stimulation. controlled ovarian hyper stimulation - the objective In women who have irregular periods and...

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IVF – Anti-Mullerian Hormone test

Dr Gary Swift's practice focuses on gynaecology and fertility treatment and specialises in complex laparoscopic surgical techniques for diseases affecting fertility with a special interest in endometriosis. Dr Gary Swift is also an Obstetrician has helped many couples...

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