Dr Gary Swift is a leading Gold Coast fertility specialist who, when suitable, provides reproductive medicine treatment that may involve controlled ovarian hyper stimulation.

controlled ovarian hyper stimulation – the objective

In women who have irregular periods and do not normally ovulate, the goal is to produce multiple mature follicles and restore normal ovulatory function. The hope here is to increase successful pregnancy rates through controlled ovarian hyper stimulation

In the IVF procedure before the step of retrieving the egg there is a step called controlled ovarian hyper stimulation. At this stage of the IVF procedure the ovaries are stimulated by fertility medication to produce ovulatory follicle/s.

controlled ovarian hyper stimulation – the ovulatory phase

The ovulatory phase begins with the luteinizing hormone surge and ends with ovulation, which is the release of the egg from the dominant ovarian follicle.  About 32 to 36 hours after the onset of this surge, the dominant follicle releases (ovulates) its egg.

controlled ovarian hyper stimulation – the medications

Typically a combination of injectable fertility hormones and an oral fertility medication are used to stimulate the ovary to produce 2 mature follicles. Each mature follicle contains 1 egg that is capable of being fertilised.  Several stimulation protocols and medications are available and have their own pros and cons.

controlled ovarian hyper stimulation – the visits to clinic

Once the stimulation medications start the woman will have approximately 5 visits with ultrasounds and blood draws to monitor follicular growth. When the cohort of follicles is thought to likely include mostly ‘mature oocytes’, a final trigger shot is used to allow the final maturation of the oocytes.

If you are planning a pregnancy and would like to speak to a leading fertility specialist in the matters of IVF, reproductive medicine and technology, controlled ovarian hyper stimulation, the Dr Gary Swift Fertility Clinic, which is located on the Gold Coast, can be reached via this link.