IVF – Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology is one of the fertility treatments available through the Dr Gary Swift Clinic. Dr Gary Swift has a Masters degree in Reproductive Medicine, is one of Queensland’s leading IVF experts  and is a part of the team at Queensland fertility Group. IVF is the fertility clinic’s involvement with helping a couple to plan and have a family. IVF has been used to help couples overcome many different issues, for example:

  • endometriosis

  • damaged fallopian tubes

  • ovulation disorder

  • low sperm count

  • unexplained infertility


The IVF process may involve the use of reproductive technology such as:

  • Rapid Array PGD

  • Digital High Magnification ICSI


Advancements such as these in reproductive technology have increased IVF success rates. However, factors which may influence your personal chances of success include:

  • medical history

  • age of the female and male partner

  • genetic factors

  • lifestyle factors including smoking and weight

Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology – Rapid Array PGD

Rapid Array PGD allows for a greater detection of imbalances in embryos. The full 24 chromosome screen occurs prior to embryo transfer and is ideal for  couples who have learned of themselves having an increased risk of passing a chromosome abnormality or specific genetic disorder to their children. Other reasons couples have found this to be helpful is for:

  • repeat implantation failure

  • repeat miscarriage

Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology – Digital High Magnification ICSI

Digital High Magnification ICSI is available when a man has severely reduced levels of sperm morphology or extensive DNA damaged sperm. The magnification allows a fertility specialist to select which sperm are most appropriate to inject into the egg.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection can also be used when the male has had a vasectomy but now wants to have children. The major standout for this treatment is how we achieve fertilisation. This involves the use of micro manipulation equipment injecting a single sperm into each egg.

Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology – Study on embryonic selection.

Clinical studies have revealed a 65% increase in pregnancy sucess rates with the use of Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology. You can read up more about this study here from Queensland Fertility Group’s partner clinic – Melbourne IVF.

If you would like to begin talking with a specialist in regards to the matters of Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology, you can contact the Dr Gary Swift Clinic here.