Your free nursing consultation at Queensland Fertility Group

“The perfect first step.”

When conception isn’t going your way it can be stressful. I highly recommend the FREE nursing consultations currently offered by Queensland Fertility Group as a great way to take the pressure off.

As a highly qualified Fertility Specialist, I am committed to making the stressful times of fertility as worry free and straight forward as possible. My Practice at Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) is supported by a dedicated and experienced team of Fertility Nurses and Scientists who are well known for their excellence in Fertility Management.  If you are wanting to seek expert fertility advice, I highly recommend that you take full advantage of this free nursing consultation prior to booking your appointment with my Practice. This will allow me to provide you with on the spot answers and a clear path forward at your first appointment. Please note that QFG are offering this free service for a limited time.

Your free QFG nursing consultation will be tailored to your individual needs and is ideal for:

  • Couples who are having trouble conceiving
  • Single women wanting to know their options (e.g. freezing eggs, accessing donor sperm)
  • Same sex couples wanting to know more about accessing donor sperm to start their family

What to expect at your free nursing consultation

At your private consultation with an experienced QFG Fertility Nurse, you will discuss your individual fertility concerns and what you would like to achieve from the appointment. The nurse will then take your medical history in order to better understand your circumstances and provide you with some professional guidance on what you’re doing ‘right’ as well as the possible causes for your pregnancy delay. There may be a number of ways you can improve your chances of falling pregnant naturally, and I encourage you to visit the QFG Fertility Insights Program page for some clear step by step advice.

If appropriate, you may undergo some initial tests, the majority of which are bulk billed by Queensland Fertility Group. You can also undergo a number of additional investigative tests if you desire. Free nursing consultations are conducted at the QFG Gold Coast clinic which is conveniently located next to Pindara Private Hospital. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 4pm, and on Saturdays and after hours by appointment only.
For more information or to book your free QFG nursing consultation, call my reception team on (07) 5564 6017 or the QFG nurses on 1800 111 483

Follow up Specialist appointment (if recommended)
The QFG nurse may advise you to book a follow up appointment with my Practice if:

  • You have undergone some initial tests which need to be interpreted by a Fertility Specialist
  • You and the nurse have determined that further investigations and assistance is required in order to help you achieve pregnancy

After attending your nursing consultation, I will be in a good position to interpret and explain your test results and provide you with answers during your first appointment. Please note you will need to obtain a referral form from your GP before your appointment with me. Together we can then work out a pregnancy plan that suits your individual circumstances so you can be on your path to pregnancy after just one appointment.

Through my partnership with Queensland Fertility Group, I can offer you a comprehensive range of fertility treatment options, as well as gynaecological and obstetric services to provide a continuation of care, all the way from pregnancy planning to conception and child birth. The complete range of women’s health services available includes:

  • gynaecology
  • fertility treatments (from low cost IUI and OI to IVF and ICSI)
  • laparoscopic surgery, and obstetrics
  • counselling.