finding fertility clinics

If you and your partner have had no success in conceiving a baby after 12 months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, it is time for finding fertility clinics such as the Dr Gary Swift Fertility clinic. Dr Gary Swift is one of 6 Queensland Fertility Group associated specialists who can help you with fertility issues. He is an experienced gynaecologist, obstetrician, and a leading specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. Dr Gary Swift provides expert advice, helping you understand the issues you are facing. He can provide a comprehensive diagnosis for both you and your partner; explain all the options available to you and then customise a plan to help you fall pregnant. It may be as simple as a lifestyle change or timed intercourse.

Finding fertility clinics that provides answers quickly

Dr Gary Swift and the Queensland Fertility Group Gold Coast team understand that having answers about fertility and what you can do about it quickly is important to you. When you make an appointment to see Dr Gary Swift, or one of the fertility specialists at QFG Gold Coast Fertility Clinic, you can expect answers after just one consultation.

Finding fertility clinics in a convenient location

The QFG Gold Coast clinic is conveniently located next to Pindara Private Hospital. You can make an appointment to suit you, after you have obtained a referral from your GP. Dr Gary Swift and his team provide a comprehensive range of fertility treatments, as well as gynaecological and obstetric services for their patients. The complete range of women and men’s health services available at his clinic includes: obstetrics, gynaecology, infertility treatment and IVF, laparoscopic surgery, male infertility and counseling.

Finding fertility clinics with great patient outcomes

Dr Gary Swift has great patient outcomes because of his extensive knowledge & expertise. He is committed to providing you with state-of-the-art fertility treatment in a confidential, compassionate and supportive environment. The Dr Gary Swift Clinic is contactable via this link.