Before phoning to make an appointment, please see your GP to obtain a referral as we will ask for specific information on the referral when you call.  It’s very important you also bring this referral to your appointment as Medicare will not process your rebate without it.

If your appointment is for fertility treatment, you will receive a higher rebate from Medicare if your partner is also on the referral and attends the consultation with you. More time is allocated to these appointments.

The full initial consultation fee will be charged at the time of your appointment.  We will electronically send the claim to Medicare for you and your rebate will be returned to your nominated bank account ideally within 24 hours.

You will not be able to claim this consultation through your health fund (as only an inpatient in hospital can make such a claim).

If you would like a quote for your appointment ahead of time, please call our clinic on 07 5564 6017 and we would be happy to assist.

The length of your appointment will entirely depend on your specific circumstances, but usually 30-40 minutes for gynaecological appointments, and infertility couples can expect appointments lasting 60 minutes.

Follow up appointments are typically much shorter.

We encourage you to come fully prepared to your appointment with:

  1. – The referral from your GP.
  2. – Your Medicare and private health insurance information.
  3. – All relevant x-ray/scan reports and pathology results from your GP.
  4. – Completed forms covering your personal details and medical history (which can be downloaded here and completed prior to your appointment).

Dr Swift will send a letter to your GP to update them on the outcome of your appointment so they will always have the latest information on your treatment and progress.

Nurse Stephanie will be able to handle any clinical questions, or will liaise with Dr Swift as appropriate.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the clinic at any time