After a Miscarriage-Answers With Dr Swift

It’s often asked, how should I feel? There is no ‘right’ way to feel following a miscarriage. Some level of grief is very common, and partners may react quite differently. Simply continuing to talk about it with supportive friends and family can be helpful. If you would find this difficult and would more so like to speak with a Doctor, you can contact the Swift Fertility Clinic online or call  07 5564 6017.

An example of a case could be you have miscarried just a few days ago, your still bleeding but it’s getting lighter, and you’re wondering if you treat a miscarriage like a period. The very first thing you should do is consult with a health professional and Doctor Gary Swift is a specialist in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Reproductive medicine and surgery.

Dr Gary Swift recommends “After a miscarriage women need to wait until BhCG (pregnancy hormone) returns to zero. Only then will a ‘normal’ cycle start. I usually say wait for the period a month after a miscarriage bleed then start tracking from there counting first proper day of period as day 1.”

If you have a concern about fertility or pregnancy and have experienced one or more miscarriages then a specialist consultation may be of benefit. Dr Gary Swift is contactable via our online form or make a call to the Gary Swift Fertility Clinic on 07 5564 6017.