Fertility Surgery Gold Coast based

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fertility surgery gold coast based

Fertility Surgery Gold Coast based is available through the Dr Gary Swift Fertility Clinic. When infertility occurs in a female she will be evaluated by a specialist such as Dr Gary Swift from QFG Gold Coast Fertility Clinic, to determine the cause and best treatment options.

Fertility Surgery Gold Coast based – finding the answers

Most women may not know that their fertility is in direct correlation to their age, with fertility dropping to about 50% after the age of 35, a further drop to 30% in your early 40’s, and continual reduction until about the age of 50 when menopause occurs. Age plays a large part in the fertility equation. Infertility is often perceived as a predominantly female disorder, even though male-factor infertility is equally prevalent.

Fertility Surgery Gold Coast based with a leading specialist

Dr Gary Swift, a leading specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery can assist in helping you achieve your goal of becoming pregnant through a range of different methods. Some of these problems that can be addressed by surgery include: Fibroids – non-malignant tumours growing inside the uterus, Polyps – overgrowths of the uterine lining (endometrium), Endometriosis – the growth of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus, which can block the fallopian tubes, Salpingitis – the fallopian tube becomes inflamed and scarred by bacterial infection, Abnormalities of the uterus – such as uterine septums, Ovarian cysts – can be drained or removed. These days most Fertility Surgery Gold Coast based conducted by a specialist such as Dr Gary Swift is known as Laparoscopic Surgery, using an operative laparoscope (through the abdomen). Occasionally, this may not be possible for a variety of reasons and ‘open surgery’ (a surgical incision on the abdomen) may be necessary. For some people, a structural problem can be treated surgically. Treatment can increase the chances of natural conception. Considering Fertility Surgery Gold Coast based? When considering surgery, be sure to ask the questions with a specialist such as Dr Gary Swift who’s services include Fertility Surgery Gold Coast based. Any further questions on Laparoscopic Surgery? Check out our FQA page

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